2017 program : Yamandu Costa - (Brésil)


Yamandu Costa, a 7-string guitar virtuoso, was born in Passo Fundo, Brazil, where he began his guitar studies with his father Algacir.

Until the age of 15, Yamandu´s only music school was the folk music from the south of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Nevertheless, after hearing Radamés Gnatalli´s work, he decided to learn more about the music of other renowned Brazilian musicians, such as Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, Raphael Rabello, among others.
When he was 17, he played for the first time in São Paulo at "Circuito Cultural Banco do Brasil" and from then on he was acknowledged as one of the most gifted guitar players in Brazil.

Yamandu has created his very particular style of compositions, somewhere between the typical music from the south of Brazil with finger acrobatic like passages, high tempo and yet very delicate and melodious pieces.
Yamandu embraces the range of root- Latin American music with a strong emphasis on South Brazilian swing..

Yamandu is a guitar player, composer and arranger who does not fit into a single music category but creates his own style when he combines all of these styles playing his 7-string guitar.

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Yamandu Costa