2017 program : Stochelo Rosenberg Trio - Jazz manouche

Gypsy swing

The career of Stochelo Rosenberg began to take full shape in 1980, when the Trio Rosenberg was born.

He is now regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of Gypsy Jazz and performs on the most prestigious international stages, as a leader of the Rosenberg Trio or as a soloist on other projects.

Designed at a young age as the successor of Django Reinhardt by the gypsy community to which he belongs, Stochelo has mastered a rare technique.

Stochelo learned the guitar by listening to Django's records and watching his uncles play in gypsy camps. He spent hundreds of hours listening and carefully analyzing the phrasing, dynamics and timing of this style under the alert critical eye of his uncle Waso Grunholz.

His style is based on elegance, virtuosity, humour, emotion ...

Stochelo Rosenberg

Stochelo Rosenberg Trio