2017 program : Ingrid Riollot - classique

Classical guitar

Ingrid Riollot is a rising star of the French guitar scene. She has performed in more than 25 countries.
Her presence on stage combined with the soft and powerful sound of her wonderful guitar has enchanted audiences around the world.

Since 2002, she has combined performing with teaching. After teaching in Geneva and at the Regional Conservatory of Grand Nancy, since 2013 she has been Professor at the Departmental Conservatory of Val de Bièvre in the Paris region.

She chairs juries, gives masterclasses and actively participates in the influence of the guitar throughout the world. She lives in Paris.

She has won several prizes including the "Young Talent Award" awarded by the Société Philharmonique de Lyon in 2001.

She has recorded three CDs, solo or duo and trio.

Ingrid Riollot

Ingrid Riollot