2017 program : Alexis Cardenas and Recoveco - (Venezuela et Colombie)

(Venezuela and Colombia)

In the spotlight for their remarkable work with Arielle Dombasle on her new album « Amor, amor », these five musicians from Venezuela and Colombia present an ample instrumental repertoire of traditional and progressive music.
Recoveco combine the academic virtuosity with the improvisation and the spontaneity of popular music, and highlights the peculiarities of many stringed instruments of the Latin American continent.
Venezuela and Colombia could not dream of better musical ambassadors in the whole world.

2004 saw the release of the 3rd CD of the band, recorded live at the Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris in November 2003, which restores all the energy of Recoveco.


Alexis Cardenas et Recoveco

Alexis Cardenas violon
Francisco Gonzalez guitare
Ricardo Sandoval mandoline, bandola, cuatro
Nelson Gómez guitarron
Rafael Mejias percussions

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